Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I wait after the job is finished to put my furniture and rugs back?
Furniture can be placed 4 days after final coat of polyurethane is applied, however the finish is not 100% cured, so it needs to be done in a gentle way. Rugs are recommended 2 weeks after final coat is applied.

Can certain rugs harm my new wood floors?
Yes they can. We recommend our customers to avoid solid foam backed rugs, which can retain moisture and dust and might cause damage to the flooring. A safer choice would be waffle-pattern backed rugs or soft rubber pads.

It is safe to stay in the house while my floors are being done?
Yes, it is safe. All products comply with the VOC law, however, some people are more sensitive to fumes than others. If you are sensitive, we recommend staying away while the work is being done.

Is the maximum amount of VOC safe for my kids to breathe?
Yes, it is, however you don’t want to expose your kids to the chemicals just because we meet the requirements of the law. It’s always better to keep the kids away while work is being performed. We recommends for pregnant woman as well.

Can I have my floors done without having to deal with the dust involved?
There’s a way to refinish with minor dust involved using a “dustless system,” which is basically a sander with an industrial vacuum attached to the machine.

Can I bring my very old floors back to life?
By refinishing your floors, usually you take down 1/16 of 1” out of your floors removing all the old finish and making it possible to restore your floors back to life.

How do I know if there’s lead on my very old floors? If so, what procedures should take place?
To determine if you have lead in your floors, a lead test should be performed. Whenever you have painted floors with lead, a certified EPA contractor needs to perform the work.

Can I restore the sheen of the floors without having to refinish the floors?
The process of resurfacing (or re-coating) can restore your floors sheen. It involves a light sanding and 1 coat of finish over the existing finish.

What kind of finish is better – Oil or Water Based Polyurethane?
It depends on what your need. The water base dries faster and does not produce any fumes. The water base has many different option of products and hardness, and they all come in Satin, Semi-Gloss and High-Gloss Finish. The oil takes longer to dry but is a thicker finish.

Can I get my two different types of wood to match color?
The beauty of wood is that you can stain it any make it any color you want. Our team specializes in matching different types of wood.

Will the decreased humidity in the winter affect my hardwood floors?
In many cases, wood floors respond to the lower humidity by contracting or shrinking. If the wood contracts significantly, small gaps may appear between the boards. However, this is normal and can be prevented with proper precautions. To prevent this from happening, make sure your home has proper humidity controls in place, which means using a humidifier to maintain optimal moisture levels in your home. To prevent these gaps the levels of humidity from you home has to be around 40% in the winter.